Amy attended Oklahoma State University.  She was a part of the last class to graduate in the old GI arena - 1999.  This is the Student Union there and a click on it will lead you to their pages.

and she was a member of  

Just in case you don't recognize this fine old building,

What about this guy?, and if your a Poke then click him for the sounds of the Cowboys!

Oh yea, and this is a picture of Amy and here then boyfriend and now husband, Sean.

They say they were studying hard?????

They now live in Lakewood, CO. and have a two sons - Ethan & Luke   Sean is a software/computer guru and through one of his sites these pages are hosted. I have told them that hopefully they are making enough money to afford the life-stile I wish to have in retirement (similar to what they wanted during my days of paying for it).  I tell them all I need is a small pool house in the back and a credit card.