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My first Elmer was W0BO, Leawn Wixom (deceased).  As with all Elmer's, I owe him more than I can express in a simple web page.  He was truly one of my great friends and real hero's.  As with many Hams I had often wished I could find that help to push me over the edge from "wanting to" into "doing it".  Leawn was that person and he not only helped me but in my zeal to become licensed we ended up forming a class with about 20 +/- individual that had the same interest and goal.  Leawn helped us all reach that goal through stories and teaching that pushed us all to getting that first NOVICE license.  I continued to be friends with Leawn for the rest of his life and he taught me many things beyond amateur radio.  We camped together and fished together as well as shared our interest of radio.  It was through him that I met so many more new friends and continue to make friends every day talking on or about a common interest.  


I obtained my license in 1977 as WD0AJG in Colorado , and have chosen not to change my call.  It is like that old pair of shoes that you just get broke in to be real comfortable and hate to see them wearing out, unlike those shoes my call may never wear out as long as I have use for it.
One of my greatest and un-noticed accomplishments was to do WAS on 160 meters in 1987 but unfortunately I did not push to get that last card from Delaware so never earned the recognition with the accomplishment.  Now I have moved and will have to start all over - maybe?

Favorite frequency and modes:
3868 mhz & 1898 mhz - old over the hill gang used to meet there every day just to talk to Leawn.  7105 mhz - packet bbs for several year. (no now).  anywhere on a dualbander.....
anywhere they talk radio and friendship and limited politics.

Things to do?  Too numerous to mention.



A work in progress!?  



 But you are just about here!




My words of wisdom:



So much for those words!



General Amateur Information:







Frequency Guides:



Packet Radio:


I am also making available my Public directory of files.  Many are old but to me have valuable information hidden in them.  To acces those files you can FTP to wd0ajg.dyn.dhs.org and check in with anonymous (for read only) or you can send an email to me at the address below and request permission for upload permission.


I also have another site for my family activities and Geneology work.  You may view it at:

Ishmael Family Home

Contact me at  WD0AJG at  Yahoo dot Com

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